dissabte, 30 de juny de 2012

English assignments

I’m so proud of my students! Students were asked to write two compositions and then record their texts. The first one was about themselves and they had to record an audio file. The second one was about education, technology and traditional methodologies, and they were asked to build a video, combining their voices, text and images. The results are simply stunning! Here I link some of their blogposts and I also embed the artefacts they have built to document their Language learning on their electronic portfolios. My dear students: congratulations! Examples of the first assignment:
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 Eva T. Ir a descargar

Examples of the second assignment: Alicia C.

Carolina M.

Felisa T. even did her own Original Soundtrack of  the video...

A special artefact by Cira R.:

The amazing work by two students in both assignments, who combined their individual texts in a creative way...
They created a dialogue of their writings when they realized they were quite similar:
 Zineb A. - Patri P.
And they created their video podcast as a dialogue too:
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Video podcasting by Zineb A.- Patri P.