dissabte, 15 de juny de 2013

English assignments 2013

As I did last year, I collect here some of the best artefacts that my students have built in the English language subjects. Every year I am more and more proud of my students... don't you think I have lots of reasons? This school year is a bit more special because I am not going to do these subjects any more. I have always asked my English students to add technology to the traditional language activities. I hope that the experience to use ICT for language learning will help them in their future teaching and that the fact of recording audio and video podcasts can help them in the development of their oral skilss. I hope they will always remember their reflections on the use of technology for language learning and, in general, in education.

 So, here they come... video podcasts (introducing myself topic):
  Patricia B


Maria del Valle
Vanessa S and Noemí



Andrea A.
And audio podcasts (r essay on education or email):
 Celia --> Rocío Andrea G. Marc (email) Silvia (email)